Shovel Kids

shovel kid [shuhv-uhl kid] – an individual carrying a seemingly inherent desire to obtain (also known as ‘digging‘) vinyl records of various sizes,  often at the sacrifice of necessity purchases, rent payments, personal relationships, or parental approval.  (typically accompanied by a suppressed adolescent or ‘kid-like’ glee associated with the procurement of each vinyl record).

$1 boxes, garage sales, junk missions, record shows, and any out of town excursion or time to kill before a Maxilla show on the road only means one thing..more mold on the fingertips…more laps for the needle. The thirst doesn’t end there, however.  Even catching a glimpse of an untapped  record store while driving is cause for an auto accident.

We’ve been trying to play it safe and slow down a bit…Attempting, instead,  to satisfy the pangs with photographs of records, record stores, vinyl collections, various turntable setups etc.  Indeed, even the sight  of wax causes a slight  physiological response similar to when the gym teacher would say you get to  play dodgeball for P.E or inside recess that day.

Send any flix of dope records, your or anyone else’s collections, big or small, record stores you’ve visited or recommend, or fresh to classic turntable setups to so we can keep our family relationships on track a while longer… We’ll post the pic so others can ebb the thirst, and as a digging community, help each other.

Often neglecting family, friend and priority for the sake of a new groove to lay in to, the crew’s love for vinyl led to the pressing of Maxilla Blue’s Volume Two in classic form.

Official schoolhouse rock.  This is a western Iowa gem to any true shovel kid..Seek, and ye shall find……….submitted by Exo-152, Des Moines, IA.

Cheapo’s-Minneapolis, MN.  Everybody knows this joint.  Puff it in stride. submitted by B-Girl ESNCE-Des Moines, IA

A Detonated City, teeming with ready residents…. Released in the 2009 season, this 7 inch split single featured Maxilla Blue’s Aeon Grey sharing wax space with now defunct, Des Moines based indie quartet, Beati Paoli.

Axelrod, Peter Tosh, The Patterson Singers and Flaming Lips all spinning freely at Scented Vinyl, a local artist record listening session driven by the good Daniel Bosman, and occurring every Monday night at Mars Cafe in the Drake neighborhood on metro Des Moines’ west side.

shovel pups dig..

Exactly as it appears… You know the spot.  You know the name.  submitted by Dj Episode – Des Moines, IA

After the crime…… submitted by B-Girl ESNCE – Des Moines, IA

Discussions of vinyl and breakin’ history at the culture shop of the legendary Swift Rock. -Kiel, Germany, submitted by Asphate Woodhavet –  Des Moines, IA

Lifted lazy tunes. Cool store and staff…Moon Dog Records-Dubuque, IA

“The Editor’s Choice”- Jared Curtis, Des Moines Cityview Shovel Kid

The Exclusive Company- OshKosh, WI…Exclusively FRESH! Not only ill used and new vinyl but 1200’s, Vestax, Rane and other  faderchasers and more. Knowledgeable and chill staff to boot!

Bloomington, IL

Classic Action…”Lo Pan appeared on the street?? Wang Chi, why didn’t you tell me?!”” Submitted by Jared Curtis, Des Moines

Independent Records- Boulder, CO

Salvation Army, Jerome Ave-Bronx, NY-Submitted by Eddie Glasses


Local Love, Des Moines, IA- Submitted by FTDub


Moving Day, Des Moines, IA-Anonymous

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