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‘Phate’s Creative Haze Tour Log

08.30.12– I’ll give you 3 guesses as to what 3 Galapagos4 artists could possibly be at the airport in Ontario, California at 11pm on a Thursday night all within a 50 ft radius of each other for 20 min straight, while each searched for the other, and then upon locating each other proceeded to get lost with 2 separate GPS systems running at once, and at least one of the company being a resident and frequent traveler of the surrounding area.

Despite the geographically challenged nature of the trio, the night found myself Qwazaar & Batsauce back at Qwa’s to meet up with Daisey, relax, zone out, and motivate for the following night’s tour kick-off in Pomona, CA.

-After greeting the crew, my first priority was to extract my Tech and mixer from their flight cases to make sure shit was operational.  I had already anticipated my undercargo luggage being tampered with, ( commonly referred to as ‘inspected for saftey’) and thus had placed a note within the deck case respectfully requesting that when the materials were returned to the case by the inspection team that no objects of any sort be placed upon the tone arm, as “this tonearm will be putting food on my kids table.”  Sure enough, a ‘notice of inspection’ was left within the turtable case, but I gotta say, all in all, they repacked my equipment relatively well, and the deck seemed to have not suffered.

-I got the Maxilla travel mixer unpacked and proceeded to set up everything and noted that the mixer wouldn’t power on.  When Bat mentioned experiencing outlet issues the previous night, I had less concerns, until I tried damn near every outlet I could find in the room and came up with conflicting results….An hour later, we could only conclude that it was either a shortage in the Vestax adapter wires or something was seriously up with the outlets.  Obviously I grew concerned, cause I didn’t fly out to Cali to rock a tour off no fuckin’ iPod…..But I decided to sleep on it.  And that I did.

08.31.12  – Somebody got his ass mollywhopped.  He had to stumble out of the joint with a half missing face streaming with blood.  This is not the most signifcant event of the evening.  But it is the type of thing I’d like to go ahead and get out of the way, in case for some reason you assumed that somebody didn’t  receive an ass whoopin’ at last nights show.  In that assumption you’d be badly mistaken…

Let me rewind a bit… Waking up this morning, after a routine mini-workout and stretch session, I went straight to messing with the mixer again, and determined that the adapter cord did in fact, have a short in it, however, it seemed to be one of those types that if you weigh the cord down at its base, it’ll hold, and your device remains powered.  So I wrapped the joints with electrical tape to stiffen the cord and prevent further crease/short issues and just planned to weigh the cord down at the show.

Before the show, Chef Batsauce prepared grilled asparagus, grilled corn on the cob, and grilled red potatoes, preceded by his homemade guacamole.  The making of this guacamole is important to note.

Having learned a lesson from previous tour work, I have opted to not drink alcohol until the end of the circuit, and to be conscious of what I’m putting in my body each day.  I’m on the road to rock and rep correct, not to have to give some excuse to the crowd about the performance quality because I haven’t been taking care of myself when there’s a job to do. I’m not a vegetarian, but while on the road, its mainly raw fruits and veggies if I can help it, with maybe one cooked meal each day.  Beyond that, it’s nothing incredibly health conscious. (I actually started this regimen along with stretching and breathing exercises weeks ago with my fam, to prep the body for the road transition.  So far, I feel like the choice has been wise, but we’ll see how disciplined I can remain as we move from city to city and get tempted with each’s local cuisine and offers of various substances by fans and hip hop heads alike).

This show at Friar Tuck’s was one of the few traveling shows I’ve played where ALL of the opening acts sounded good, and had your head bobbin’ for at least some part of their set.  We try to keep the quality maintained in a similar fashion at homecourt Maxilla shows, and this was mad refreshing to see on the road.  Instead of simply waiting to perform, we could enjoy the other acts and then perform.  Bless you Pomona. Bless you L.A.

The show was a great kick-off to the tour, and was mad fun to rock, despite the fact that my mixer shortage issue reared its ugly head about 3 times during my set.  Pomona knows whats up though, having experienced many underground shows. Heads were responsive, and you can always tell when actual “heads,” and not just drinking patrons are in a venue.  It was good to see that all the way up til the end of the night as Qwa & Bat closed it out to shut the spot down at 2.  I would say here that Daisey, Qwa & Bat killed their sets… but since there are over 2 wks left on the tour I feel like if I say that now, I’m going to have to find different ways to say it again for the next 15 blog entries, so…..I won’t even say that shit for now.

After the show, we lounged with a few really cool local heads and played the role of responsible adults outside the venue for a good hour or so.  It was humbling to hear from Cali residents that they’d been following Maxilla Blue, a crew out of Iowa, for some time now.  One brother had even borrowed his homie’s clothes and jetted from work just so they could make it to the show because his homie had been telling him about all the G4 heads and what he could expect.  That’s love.  I also crossed paths with a true brother of mine who now lives in L.A, a Iowa expat.  The show was already a good one, but connecting with heads who really had a love for the music made it real dope.

 – I fell asleep to heads sayin’ somethin’ about how it was 420.  The last thing I remember thinking was “it ain’t even April.”

09.01.12 – I can’t recall much of what happened during the day on this date.  Don’t ask me why, because I’m no more certain of that then where the memories went.  What I do remember is my first sauna experience, which wasn’t bad at all, I must say.  I’d do it again, but I’m not sure when though, cause it feels more like something to do on a vacation/tour than.  Remember when I noted the importance of Bat’s guacamole?  At the time, I thought that batch of guac to be quite good.  Most of us who tried it couldn’t stop eating it…  Well on this date, Bat took some of the grilled corn from the previous night and got dumb busy with the guac again, smashing the previous version, and possibly making the best guacamole I’ve ever had.  I think Daisey even noted it as Bat’s best run at the stuff, and having been married to the man for years, tasting his greatest and worse attempts, I was inclined to agree with her assessment.

The evening brought us to the O.C Tavern, for my first time in Orange County.  I love hiphop, because when presented right, any preconceived notions about individuals or environments tends to melt away, leaving the rawness as the only measure of its legitimacy.  Despite being in one of the wealthiest counties in the country, I did not experience any of the bourgeois bullshit heads usually associate with the O.C.  I mainly ran into hip hop heads and other cool people, including one head from Birmingham, AL who gave mad love and copped the MXB v3.  We chopped it up for a bit, as I lived all of my middle school years and one highschool year in Alabama myself, after moms kicked me out of the crib in Indianapolis, IN. (I later was kicked out of pops house back to Indianapolis before eventually landing in Iowa, for those wondering).  This was yet another night in Cali where the opening acts were all solid, and I genuinely enjoyed watching EP & Innate of the Rock Bottom Crew get loose.  Dj Fade kicked the night off with funk joints, so there wasn’t shit to complain about.  Twas a good night.


We arrived in Vegas close to the venue to people ziplining high above us amidst the neon and flash that is Las Vegas.  I was particularly interested in this show because my past experience in Vegas was not hiphop related and much more on the glitzy side of things, which I prefer to avoid whenever possible.  I’m talkin’ privileged access to MIX atop Mandalay Bay, staying at the Palms hotel, casino action, strip clubs, and Chuck Liddell’s UFC afterparty at the Ghost Bar.  That shit is cool for a hot second, but gets old quick.  I’m just not much for the flashy shit and people posing and spending for the sake of it.  That was at a time when I still ate McDonalds and other fast food, and I remember opting to walk around the Palms casino for hours, chill in my hotel room and catch Blade 3, when the party I was with for a few days opted to dine in expensive-ass steakhouses.  In short, that experience left me with an impression of Vegas that never made me interested in going back.  However, as I had discussed with Exo-152 of the Shovel Kids, it wouldn’t be so bad in Vegas if I could manage to find my way  into the vein of the city, away from the flash and fashion side of things…maybe go diggin’…..you know.

Timeout… To anyone reading this….I’ll be back. We gotta go rock this K.C show at the moment.  I’ll finish updating soon.


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