Released late winter 2012: The 5th overall collaborative work and 3rd of the self titled series, Vol. 3 depicts advancement from all of its components, embedded in its cohesive strength. TouchNice's weighted hand is tastefully placed throughout Grey's deck of cards...none of which show the key to Asphate's riddle. Written in Des Moines yet produced and recorded in San Francisco, the volaitle dynamic is carefully supressed and leaked throughout this work. Released on Galapagos4 and Central Standard Records.

Released Spring 2011: The follow-up to the first BumRap release was tossed around as an idea during the prior year, by a few of the B.R. collective, as the MXB trio looked to expand the fold a bit to build on a second work more inclusive of of a few local and select artists. Time elapsed and other creations saw completion instead. Ultimately, however, the production from Aeon and Bashir, both appearing on the first edition, along with Shovel Kid's alum, Exo-152, provided the foundation for what became a lighthearted vibe session, and at times a subtle attack at the over-contrived nature of today's pose-culture, particularly as it relates to hip hop. On a whim, and on the tail end of the last full-cast session of the Maxilla Blue: Vol 3 recordings, the MBC elected to put the talk to rest and the mics on deck. Riding off the high of the sea breeze and San Fran climate, a day in April marked the first and last date of significant booth time spent on the piece. Written, rocked and cut up in the last few hours before flights kicked out to Des Moines that morning, the majority of Median Risers was knocked out, further supporting the notion that it's alright to ease back, flex a bit, not overpolish and take yourself too seriously, aligning with the first raw path that comes to mind, sometimes.....sometimes.

Released Summer 2010: The much anticipated 3rd body of work from the crew, and second edition in the Maxilla Blue series, Volume Two continues in the tradition of freedom of thought, beat & sound manipulation and lyric romance . Dj TouchNice’s fingers fade slightly deeper into this volume, providing full-tilt hip hop heads with a well balanced meal of harmonic turntablism and melodic and powerful landscapes from Aeon marred by the words of the well learned ogre, Mr. Woodhavet. Argued by sneak listeners as a surprising progression from the well received Volume One, Volume Two is considered by its makers as merely a continuation in a similar line of thought from the last body of work, illustrating the second leg of a journey to the infinite. Indeed, those who play the first and second album back to back may acknowledge this subtle connection for themselves. The trio’s love affair with digging led to the release of this work on vinyl as well as compact disc.

Released Late Winter 2009: At the turn of the year in the wake of their first full length release, the cast of Maxilla Blue once again joined skulls to present the first edition of BumRap: Underpass Logic. BumRap is a growing collective of local musicians, writers, producers and Dj's creating from the mind, spirit and soul, and intent on honing their crafts in this manner until their departure. The content and composition of future volumes are unknown, as it could feature three entirely new artists musically and visually. This time accompanied by Aeon Grey on rhymes, Asphate & Dj Touchnice played their usual roles to the death, and took no prisoners in an even more simplified approach to booth work, allowing little to no time for deliberation and, or intensive editing of the tracks produced by Aeon Grey. Due to what some would perhaps term as an underestimation of its primal flow appeal, few copies of this pressing remain available, exclusively at Maxilla Blue shows.

Released Spring 2008: Produced by Aeon Grey, written and illustrated by Asphate Woodhavet, and cut up by Dj TouchNice, the first body of work introduces the trio’s organic method of intertwining instrumentals with word manipulative tracks to present a full-bodied listening taste for the palette of those embracing hip hop in its raw, yet carefully matured form.


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