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Phate/Maxilla @ RUNDSM Teen Summit & Writer’s Workshop

January 23, 2014

Led by Urban Leadership leaders Kris and Emily Rollins, the youth activists and leaders of tomorrow will be conducting townhall meetings, facilitating open student discussions on a number of topics, with the goal of creating safe spaces for teens to discuss issues facing their communities, brainstorming possible solutions and becoming ambassadors for change. During the summit, 25 youth from each of the five comprehensive high schools will engage in town hall meetings, artistic workshops, and a youth + community large group discussion, closing the event with a mixed media performance showcasing their learning from the semester, and an appearance from Maxilla Blue.

The topics students will discuss are:

1) Modern-day Racism
2) Youth, Gang, and Street Violence
3) Rape Culture & Victim Blaming
4) Drugs, Sentencing Laws, and School to Prison Pipeline

Those who attend day one will catch ‘Phate acting as the adult co-facilitator, who will play a background role to the discussion being led by local bboys BLESS, an upperclassman, as well as Ms. Brionne of DMPS. That same day, ‘Phate will be conducting a basic writer’s workshop for high school heads interested in the culture.

Day 2 will involve more great discussion, along with a quick crash from Maxilla Blue and the DMI Breakers.

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