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Correct Flow 2 Arrives: Check Ya’ Break Fluid

April 8, 2013


April 27th, 2013, the Correct Flow Series returns with part 2: Break Fluid.  Correct Flow began last year as a means of bringing focus back to the “flow” and natural transitional flavor of the hip hop culture, as it relates to the elements, made available to all age groups and walks of life, at little to no cost to the people.  Thus far, admission has remained free to the public.  Whereas the first edition of Correct Flow featured emceeing primarily, while also providing an environment for the breakers, Correct Flow 2 will primarily focus on the music and breakers, the open circles/cyphers and anyone else who comes to rock, while also providing an environment for (M)ic (C)ontrol.  This is non-stop groove action from open to close, and even the non-breaker will have a blast to the funky sounds and ill deck-work in the place to be.  Friends, family, and anybody who digs rhythm is more than welcome.  On this particular Saturday, the Maxilla Crew plays host to the bboys and bgirls, as Dj TouchNice provides the funk, soul, breaks, and fresh to classic hiphop, along with playing a part in the Maxilla Blue live performance also scheduled for that evening, as Asphate carries the emcee duty.  $100 will be granted to the Cypher King or Queen of the night.  The new official threads from Maxilla Blue as well as the homies at Elev8 Apparel will also be on deck. Check and share the FB Event Page HERE.

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