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“Space, Not Time” – European Mini-Tour in Full Swing

March 20, 2013




All we have is space…. Time waits for no man…. And we wait for no time. Now is when.  When is then. Appear.”

Qwazaar, along with Batsauce, Lady Daisey and Maxilla Blue* continue their exploits abroad while collabing on some crew recording, stopping off in a fabled city or two and practicing mind control techniques.  Trueschool hip hop heads in Deutschland or France, catch a date if you can.


  • March 14th – Rosenkeller – Jena, Germany
  • March 15th – Atlas Pancakes – Berlin, Germany
  • March 18th – Sunny Red – Munich, Germany
  • March 23rd – Hot Jazz Club – Munster, Germany*
  • March 26th – La Gambetta – Paris, France*
  • March 28th – Black Sheep – Augsburg, Germany*
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