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Aeon Grey’s “Lead Breakfast.” GMO’s not included.

March 19, 2013


Today marks a long awaited day for fans and listeners of Aeon Grey and/or Maxilla Blue, including those who predate the MXB era, dating back to Aeon Grey’s numerous earlier solo works and group projects.  Lead Breakfast has arrived with a retail release of March 19, 2013, courtesy of Uncommon Records, an imprint known for a wealth of unique and progressive musical exploits.  Although some time, and many life changes have passed since his last full length solo effort, all the while Mr. Grey has remained instrumental in several other works as well as the onward push of Maxilla.  As sole producer for the crew, Aeon’s focus can often be monopolized by the trio’s endeavors, however the longstanding emcee/producer has managed to drop “Paper Cranes” w/ Sabicus, “Still Life’s Sabotage” w/ Bashir, as well as all 3 current volumes of Maxilla Blue and 2 editions of BumRap along with various side works in his solo-effort interim…. Not bad for “time off.”  Aeon’s quiet productivity has always played inspiration to my own drive and has become the ethic of Central Standard.

Fast forward 6 or so years and today marks another ring in the tree trunk.  As artists, from time to time, we must consider that the time at which a work of art is complete could be indicative of the fact that all prior moments leading up to that point necessitated it’s completion while also providing the basis for it.  While the sum of a career cannot necessarily be lassoed into a single release, it can be said that it took the span of the career up to that point to properly complete the project.  Enter Lead Breakfast.  The phrase, in and of itself, is an “Aeonism” if I ever heard one.  The mask is most fitting, and as with any Aeon project, you can count on receiving HIM in the work, no one else.  This exclusivity is a buyer’s privilege that many sound consumers are deprived of nowadays due to an increase of clones turned merchants/artists.  If you can’t digest Lead Breakfast now, then your soft tummies would’ve had trouble even if it had been released 2 yrs ago, 4yrs, and so forth.  On the other hand, if it is water that will slake your thirst, I’d imagine that it’s effect would be equally satisfying if not more so, when  the sip arrives at 12 Midnight as opposed to 12 noon.

Fortunately for listeners, while time may have passed, Aeon’s ability to deliver solidly in multiple roles for a music project has not.  This isn’t a review of his album, and I’m not in the habit of thinking for others anyway.  Listening and making an intelligent assessment of the work and how it may connect with you, is your job….. Therefore, you are encouraged to punch the clock today, visit the Uncommon Records Bandcamp, check into Lead Breakfast,  maybe even do a little overtime, and catch up with us on your lunch break to comment on the taste.



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