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Rock Island…Rocked.

January 14, 2013

Saturday’s show with Rakim was on tilt.  We came to trash the stage in typical Maxilla fashion, and I think we got the job done.  It was refreshing to see a legend, pioneer STILL show up prepared to rock the mic proper and deliver what the real hip hop heads were hoping to see.  Being surrounded by my Unk D who was listening to Ra before I knew who he was, as well as extended Maxilla fam traveling from everywhere from Des Moines, Indiana, to the east coast along with my Floor Spiders Crew made it all that much more ill.  For as many cyphers and break sessions as we’ve been in with “Know the Ledge,” Untouchables, “Don’t Sweat the Technique” in the background, to be able to catch a few boxed in top-rock rounds to the live version was an unmatched feeling in the packed house.  Security has to chill on telling bboys/bgirls they can’t break at classic hip hop shows though, especially where Maxilla is on deck.  That shit doesn’t vibe with our pedigree.  Besides, there is already too much of a ‘divide’ as it is between M.C culture and break culture, which was never the intention of heads like Rakim.  Fortunately, however, Dj TouchNice  had it poppin’ with his mix set before we took the stage, giving heads an opportunity to catch wreck before it got too crazy.  All in all though, we were honored to be a part of such a dope event, and have very little to complain about in this life or the next.  Next up, the world of graffiti……’ahem,’ we mean art.

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