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2.22.13-2.23.13 Asphate returns to New Mexico – Illegal? Art Show

January 14, 2013



Backed by SABA, C.Y.C, and the West End Art Depot, this year’s Illegal? Art show in Las Cruces, NM promises to be a bangin’ 2 day event, and I can’t wait to attend and catch wreck.  Focusing on graffiti, vandalism, street art, mural work beautification, this event will feature live performances from myself, Definition Rare, Mine+Us and more.  The jam will also feature graff heads such as ROCK1 and KING157, (yes the legendary freight-shader) and open walls for other writers to get loose, via submission, as well as gallery pieces, discussion on legalities with an attorney who handles graff/vandalism cases, etc.  This joint is shaping up to be another ill piece of history geared to take place in New Mexico.  We will definitely have flix of the event for the heads who couldn’t make it, and if “Phate” will have it, you may even catch a flick of a piece wrecked by yours truly. 


I met SABA in my previous and first time in New Mexico,  while on the Creative Haze Tour with Qwa, Bat and Lady Daisey.  The man was not only cool and took care of us with the hospitality, but the spirit in his chest was readily visible to my eye, and, as an indigenous Native, SABA was able to provide insight into the plight faced by our Native and Mexican brothers in this country, particularly in a border town like L.C.  I’m looking forward to learning more and sharing peace with SABA, DMAN, and other letter-heads.  Aside from returning to rock a place where I had nothing but good times previously, and attending an event with legends like KING157 on deck, I am simply honored in general to travel and be a part of an event bringing awareness to a culture that has helped to mold us all, and keep us from an early grave. 

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