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1.12.13 – Rakim, Maxilla Blue Live in Rock Island, IL!

December 4, 2012

RAKIM poster


You heard correct.  The raw-school meets the old school to kick off the year after your world perished.  Any survivors need to make arrangements in advance and make your way to Rock Island, IL on Saturday, January 12th to check into one of our favorite venues to rock, Rock Island Brewing Company.  Hit the Facebook Event Page for any updates and details.

As a youngster put on to emceein’ by his uncle occasionally coming home in the late 80’s and early 90’s with what would become classic vinyl I know suckas on the mic when I hear ’em, and I also know the sound of a king’s cadence. Not only having been influential to pieces of my style in some respects, Rakim has also simply been one of my favorite heads to hear “flow,” especially over breaks.  (As a result, up until about 3 yrs ago, my favorite tracks to rhyme to have typically fallen above 100 bpm, and favor break-heavy joints).  As a bboy, I’m still hearing Know the Ledge, Don’t Sweat the Technique, Follow the Leader, Untouchables, etc. every other week and the flow is still comparably elite, so it, among others, is the flow I expose my daughter to when I discuss the evolution of emceein’…  Needless to say, Maxilla is ready to rock. We’re going to enjoy this night.. alot.  Come enjoy it with us.


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