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Asphate Presents Correct Flow v.1 ft. Robust x AWAR x FTC

October 31, 2012



Any hiphop head can tell you that “flow” is an important aspect of every element of the culture, from bboy transitions to burning pieces, keeping the party live off the decks, and perhaps most obviously in emceeing. This fall, the CORRECT FLOW series is kicked off for all Des Moines trueschoool hiphop heads to catch their fix.  Presented by Asphate of the MBC crew, CORRECT FLOW is an ALL AGES series of events designed with the intent of bringing light to, and preserving this aspect of ‘flow’ in the culture, which seems to have been overlooked or forgotten by most. This is not a competition, but a live show exhibiting the essence of hip hop, back before image and money changed the face of the game. Linoleum will be laid and there will be FREE admission for all BBOYS & BGIRLS who show up to spark the cypher. Of course that means we’ll have plenty of soul & funk breaks as well as boombap and Golden Age hip hop spinning on deck at the hands of Phate Beckons.  Each event will also feature high caliber emcee performances w/ supporting cast to help cultivate the concept of “Correct Flow.”


Saturday, November 10th marks the first edition of the event, and will feature AWAR of NYC recently featured in XXL Magazine, HipHopDX, AllHipHop.Com etc. coming off of two EP releases and 2012’s “The Laws of Nature,” featuring production and guest spots from Alchemist, JakeOne, MURS, Evidence, Joe Buddens.  Robust of Galapagos4 lore will also join the foray, backed by Dj DishWasher, as he celebrates the release of his latest record for the Filling in the Potholes Tour, traveling w/ Arizona’s Foreign Tongues Cult. 


By design, all CORRECT FLOW events will be ALL AGES and FREE to the public, giving the city’s youth no excuse to not know what’s up with solid hip hop, giving the bboys another spot to cypher and catch wreck on a weekend, giving hip hop and soul/funk enthusiasts a decent slot to get their fix before hitting the town for the night, and giving the city in general a solid dose of CORRECT FLOW.

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