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Galapagos4’s He.llsent drops Exclusive Digital LP “Legendary”

August 31, 2012

O.G. on the scene and keen with the science, He.llsent, known for his work in (OuterLimitz) as well as previous solo releases such as “RainWater” and “False Profit”, (Galapagos4), He. returns with the the surprise attack joint, Legendary,” released under the cloak of midnight on 08.31.12 as an exclusive digital release through Galapagos4.com.  His latest work of art includes features from the likes of Qwazaar, Dimention, and Asphate of the Maxilla Blue crew and production from beatsmiths such as Maker, Max (Old Irving), Loose Cannon, Kenny Keys, Fifth Element, and more, including several tracks produced by He.llsent, himself…..Simply put, this album is poison to the trashrap culture. Behold with caution…..

“Legendary” is He.llsent’s third album which will be what he thinks is a hip-hop album, not a suit in a boardroom. Like his previous albums, this music is mainly made for him and like-minded individuals. If you think like him then you will find his work interesting and thought provoking.

He.llsent called his album Legendary not to bolster an egotistic, elitist mind frame around like a pistol, but to speak about the art form. Hip Hop is legendary. Hip Hop is the only genre in music that doesn’t have a form. Hip Hop is whatever the creator determines it. Hip Hop is an amalgam of everything. That stuff on TV and radio is boring and doesn’t embody the spirit of Hip Hop correctly. He.llsent makes music that he likes because he can’t find it on the radio or the blog sites that advertise themselves as “Hip Hop”.

He.llsent has crafted something that will stand on its own in its own private corner of the universe, independent of the things that surround him.

Hailing from the south-side of Chicago, He.llsent is known for balancing deep social commentary with hardcore rhymes. He.llsent came to the forefront in 2005 when he, Alongside Qwazaar and Silence released their groundbreaking album “Suicide Prevention” as OuterLimitz on Galapagos4. Praised by critics & fans alike as arguably the best underground hiphop album of the year. A solo effort entitled ’Rainwater’ in 2006 (Galapagos4), touring extensively, followed by 2 more solid releases ’False Profit’ (2010 Galapagos4) & ’Just Another Mixtape’ (2011) gained the Emcee a dedicated following and he has since then never looked back.

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