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Volume 3 Released and Bootlegged EVERYWHERE TODAY – 2.28.12!!!

February 28, 2012

BOOTLEG ALERT!!! We understand the game…We know its gonna happen, and in this day and age, it can’t be escaped… But if you’re reading this site, and you can dig our music, do us a solid and make sure that you are purchasing directly from the source so as to support the artists so that more music can be created. If you have established a bootleg site of our joints, you wanna think about possibly referring would-be downloaders to our key sites,at least? If you already downloaded Vol. 3 for free, cool…But if you dig it, why not make things right by purchasing properly either in one of the local spots noted in the Purchase section, or online from Galapagos4 or CSR, both of which are home to Maxilla Blue? Recently added local locations for copping include Chicago, L.A, San Fran, San Diego, Boston.

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