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Pre-Order Now!!! Vol. 3 hits streets 2.28.12 on Galapagos4/CSR

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The new Maxilla Blue ‘Volume 3’ CD is now available for pre-order
If you pre-order the CD from Galapagos4, you will receive the CD (shipping next week ahead of release date) as well as a download link (on the release date) containing the full album’s instrumentals, all lyrics, and the Grey Remix of the unreleased track, Broken Hourglass, which is not available on the CD, LP, or digital version of the record…. all free along with your pre-order of the physical CD.

Cop a copy so you can rock proper. Look for the usual digital channels, but don’t forget to order CD’s or the limited press vinyl LP straight from Galapagos4 or CSR.


Maxilla Blue’s Volume 3 LP Release show has been set for Friday, March 2nd at home court, The Vaudeville Mews. Retail date is February 28, 2012. The show will be a late show, 21+. Also joining the crew will be Dj Episode, Qwazaar (Typical Cats), and Old Irving, rocking the dual MPC instrumental set for the beat heads and bboys, along with Robust to kick it off correct. If the line-up looks familiar, get used to it. One of the rawest, most influential, and non-deviating underground hip hop stables, Galapagos4, is now home to Maxilla Blue, beginning with the release of our most recent creation, Vol. 3. This work will be brought to the public as a split release with Central-Standard Records, in vinyl, cd, and digital form. Make sure to hit Galapagos4.com and dig around a bit for more sounds that suit you.

Vol. 3

Get used to the line up, and others like it. We plan to wreck shit..for a while.
Any rawschool hip hop head might know of
Galapagos4 through its offerings of art from the likes of Typical Cats, along with Qwel, Qwazaar and Denizen Kane’s respective personal releases, MeatyOgre, Maker, Stick Figures, Offwhyte, Old Irving, Outer Limitz, He.ll Sent, Dallas Jackson, etc. More than 50 releases later….the plot thickens.

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