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Qwazaar w/Batsauce, Lady Daisey, Old Irving, Maxilla Blue Live! -September 29th

Another Galapagos4 connection for set wreckin’…If you remember last time G4 stepped in the place to be in Des Moines, Qwel & Maker, along with Dj SPS (2008 DMC Sup. Champ) gave it raw to the heads of the city, with some help from Maxilla Blue and Neon Current. This time out Qwazaar, of Typical Cats, Outer Limitz, and Dirty Digital lore comes to slaughter shop from all angles, featuring the fresh-produce producer Batsauce, and fresh off the September 13th release of “Bat Meets Blaine.” The exquisite LP is a keen follow-up to the “Style Be The King” EP dropped earlier this year, featuring the same cast of villains. If you’ve been wondering where the crush-level hiphop went, do yourself a favor and locate that EP at Galapagos4.com for digi format, or fifthelementonline.com for the CD, if you’re fortunate enough to find any in stock. If you listen to “Style Be the King” ain’t no need for us to further hype “Bat Meets Blaine.” If you haven’t yet heard “Style Be the King,” back up a few sentences on this page…

The good news is Bat Meets Blaine will be available here in Des Moines on Thursday, September 29th as Qwa & Batsauce come to rock the Vaudeville Mews live in downtown Des Moines. Also on the fightcard is the ever soulful Lady Daisey, and fortunately, produced by Batsauce, this is another guaranteed neck breaker act to behold for all show goers. The sleeper act for the evening will likely be Old Irving, but the night will end with heads wide awake, as producers Pore & Max come to catch wreck on the live dual MPC set, rocked more than well by G4 emcee vet Robust, an ill producer in his own right. Maxilla, as always, will be in the joint to transform a few more bodies to skeletons, and to leave non-showgoers to pick up the pieces.

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