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3 Days, 2100 Miles, and 2 shows.

Last weekend was the longest travel weekend we have ever experienced. We have made some long drives, but nothing  compares to the trip through Colorado last weekend. It started at 7 am on Friday morning picking up the rental car, and ended at 3 am Monday morning when I walked in the door to my steamy humid apartment.

Friday 7/9 Boulder… We headed out early, with no hesitation and a care full of gear, camping and music. The initial leg of the trip was a 10 hour drive to the Astroland in Boulder Colorado. The Astroland is a small community show space run by a handful of people driven to bring good shows to their area. A small garage type space with a ridiculously good sound system, and a whole lot of hospitality made this show pretty amazing. We arrived, ate at a South American restaurant, Pupusa’s, and then hung out for the show. Good attendance, a great vibe, and a Maxilla set that defied all technical difficulties resulted in a great start, and re-energizer for the weekend after the 10 hour drive.  Maxilla will definitely find it’s way back to Boulder and the Astroland this fall. Thanks to Brandon, Chad, Justin, Erika, James, Mike and anyone else who I have forgotten who helped make this happen. Looking forward to round two.

Saturday 7/10 Durango… After staying with a Des Moines expat who is now calling Denver home, we woke up early Saturday and hit the road towards The Summit in Durango Colorado. The drive was not quite as daunting on Day 2, 6 hours and 30 minutes across the state of Colorado is no task in comparison to the drive across Nebraska. Durango is in the Southwest corner of Colorado about an hour from Utah, and New Mexico. The trip took us through the mountains, through the valley, and then back through the mountains. A really amazing drive for 3 guys from the Midwest who rarely get to see anything bigger than a hill. The mountains are humbling, and the landscape really makes me understand my mortality. The beauty of this drive made it easy, the mountains, streams, forest, it is soothing to be away from a city, but not in an endless open space. We arrived in Durango early, and checked out the city before finding a hotel. It seems to be one of the oldest settlements in western Colorado, dating back to the late 1800’s. A tourist driven college town with a lot of smaller shops, not many corporate chains it was a nice setting surrounded by mountains. We had full intentions of camping outside of Durango, but after 18 hours in the car we decided that we should probably shower, so we found a hotel, showered, napped and lounged until we loaded into the Summit. Scott the owner of the Summit ran sound for us, and was more than hospitable. We of course ran into the typical Iowa transplant, a guy who was born in Altoona, but of course was from Chicago. It seems no matter what city we are in, we always run into someone from Iowa. We then performed for almost an hour, knocking out most of the songs in our catalog and just having a good time. Sadly we had to bail a little earlier than we had hoped, as the 17 hour drive back to Des Moines was starting to creep into our minds. Hotel, and sleep. Durango will be visited again though, Scott was great, Ron was nice to talk to, and the vibe of this place just felt right for us. See you in the fall.

Sunday 7/11 Driving… We woke up early, raided the continental breakfast for all it was worth and hit the road around 7:30 am, mountain time. Originally the 17 hours seemed like it might be the end of us, but it actually turned out to be one of the best drives we have made. We routinely struggle back from shows in Omaha, only about an hour and 45 minutes away, but this trip just kind of flew by. So much to see, so many places to stop, looking out off the mountains, wading through rivers, testing the local coffee (the good indie, and the horrible gas station). Overall a very relaxing drive, thankfully by the time we hit Nebraska it was getting dark, so it was impossible to tell there was nothing in that void of darkness. And we could at least still imagine the landscape of Colorado. We pulled into DSM about 1:30 am, dropped off Asphate, unloaded at Touchnice’s and then returned the rental. My face hit the pillow shortly after 3, shortly after calling into work and leaving a message. Today wasn’t an office day.

Details…. Overall we were gone for 68 hours, 39 hours and 45 minutes of that was in the car. We covered 2100 miles in that time period. It was our longest, and yet one of the best weekends of travel so far. We are ready for the Fall knowing that almost nothing can be as intimidating as that trip. So if you are in a 1000 mile radius of Des Moines and want to see us perform, we are ready.

Here are some pictures from my sad iphone. Nothing special, some landscape, and some dashboard proof of our travels. I am sure asphate will have some video, and some better quality photos coming soon. Peace to everyone in Colorado that made this happen. Look for us again in October.

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