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Vol 2 LP Release Show

The release night came and went and looked good from every angle as she left.. Pushy Soda-Pops engaged the sound, Dj Episode kicked the night off on the decks from the balcony, and kept the bboys and bgirls in the cypher and heads rockin’ from the sidelines, spinning breaks, the raw, and enough fever to satisfy any Golden Age sage.  The brother and colleague Toki Wright (Rhymesayers), along with Reggie Reg on the Techs, came to wreck shop after Episode, and they did just that, cracking many new ears on Des Moines heads and setting the stage for lift off.

Peace to all the heads who came out to rock with us that night.  Every element was in effect, as we bumped shoulders with writers, breakers, djs and emcees all night long.  Floor Spiders Crew rocked the checkered linoleum for as long as they could, before the swarm took shape.  Unfortunately, the lighting made it difficult to capture the intricacies of ill footwork patterns and fresh floor transitions on film.  If you were there, you already know the science.  Although we experienced minor technical difficulties, onlookers couldn’t help but notice the flix of bombin’ and piecin’ from local area graff writers, contributed by many anonymous pic submissions, elevated to the projection screen for all to see.  We really want to lock down an event where writers can come out and piece, and our gears are now turning, so stay tuned, though time waits for no man or woman.

If you missed the release show, you should seriously speak to someone about getting your life straight and your priorities in order.   Take a look at what helped me get my sh*t together – Asphate

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