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Finalizing the Masters

After a strange week of shows and late nights working on mixes in headphones, we finally reached a point with the record where we were ready to let it go. Good thing to, because the mastering session with Doug Van Sloun of Focus Mastering was already scheduled. Doug had also mastered my 7″ vinyl release of Detonated City, but this was the first chance to actually sit in on the session, offer my input and see how he works.

We started around 10 am and nine hours later were listening to what was most likely our finished product. It is a somewhat deceiving situation heading to a mastering session. You are pushed to get your mixes to sound as good as possible leaving a few decibels of headroom for the mastering engineer to work with. In our case, most monitoring systems are lower budget near field monitors, or taking a cd out to the car, but hearing my mixes on his monitoring system was eye opening. This is where the deception plays into it, because they immediately sound better and it is hard to think at that point they will sound any better. Doug is a perfectionist though, and he really did a lot to eliminate the imperfections of my production, and to really bring out the parts that shine.

All that said, the album turned out as one of the best projects I have been a part of. I am really excited to get the presses moving and then get it into the people’s hands come May 21st.

Here are a couple of photos from the my crappy phone.

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